Be Empowered to Create the Life you Deserve and have longed for!

Our souls (for whatever reason) chose to come back here on earth. Have you always wondered what your sole-purpose is? Would you like to learn what that is? Now is the time to explore and take an adventure!

At OVL, we have a group of spiritual healers that will help you grow and guide you along your life-long journey of magickal experiences. Each has a specialty that specifically targets the core and helps the healing process.

We invite you to join our community with like-minded enlightened aspirants with one goal in mind ... truth and knowledge with a profound sense of practical process and purpose. We are a non-dogmatic, no-drama, no-nonsense environment. If this is what you seek... then we are seeking you!

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"As a Christian -
"As a Christian - the outer journey for truth and salvation led to an inner journey to find the kingdom of God. When you start to see scripture allegorically you may come to realize that all religions are really a path to getting in touch with our spirituality. The OVL website provides the tools and support to help you go as far as you want in your spiritual travels." ~ Ron E.
OVL is a non dogmatic
"OVL is a non dogmatic or religious approach and is a highly effective and efficient spritual and meditative practical system that will help one tap into their ultimate potential,as one progresses through this system step by step as they are laid out all one has to do is follow the steps one by one and if followed correctly and practiced constitantly the results will follow!As one progresses through the OVL system one learns the tools and how to use them correctly and gains new levels of clarity and perception and increased energy and vitality,and how to use this new aquired power to achieve anything one wants on a physical level as well as a spirtual,bringing body mind and spirit in union.OVL is a very powerful system that works and bring results in a short amount of time........ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!" ~ Panagiotis I.
Awareness & Bliss
"Every day, I grow towards greater awareness and bliss through our OVL practices. You won't find a more supportive and loving family to help guide you into a better understanding of yourself." ~ Steven P
Open Minded Community
"The OVL site has a community of open minded members and genuine heart centered instructors which have, for me- and i would believe the same for others as well- changed the course of my life. In every possibly way for the better. A place for someone accustomed to a practice kept to themselves, or a drive to seek "between the lines" (and for myself, sometimes difficult to only pinpoint what i was looking for to start with) this gives us a place to start- have a family, like minded, with a store of- simply spoken ways to revolutionize YOU. Driven for each others' growth. This place has been a tremendous factor in my spiritual development. Simply on the single fact of having a community with which to find insight. The instructors-God bless them! truly care and one no member could ever feel as if they were passed unnoticed. I would say Join. If you seek the narrow path, this is the road that wont take a lifetime to find, it will give you the opportunity to ascertain your goals and live blissfully. Words truly cannot form the gratitude i feel." Lex C.
Clarity & Focus
"I've been a member of Rosicrucian Schools, Lodge of Freemasonry, and Esoteric Christian groups, but the progress made while being a member of OVLVX with experiences of clarity and focus in such a short period of time, has surpassed all those esoteric schools." ~ Ramon L.
Golden Dawn Student/Adept
"As an 18 year Student/Adept in the Golden Dawn system, SI in Martinism along with being a Mason and a member of the Ordo Templi Astarte... The OVLVX system has me as giddy and excited as I was when I first stepped foot on the spiritual path. The curriculum is the most practical I have ever come across. There is little or no theory to intellectualize just lessons to work and grow. The members are as diverse as it gets and the teachers have real world experience not just textbook knowledge. The OVLVX is a mystical group where magic happens." ~ Jeffrey L.C.
Essence, Evolving, Effective
"Why O.V.L.V.X.? For me, this is a community to learn "Essence" from rather than all of the "fluff" and "window dressing" that I have found to be so common. I have been able to deepen my practice, expand my understanding more in terms of a multi-dimentsion awareness that has lead to more bliss and more positive results in my life and I am in a welcoming community of like minded, heart-centered people who share my value of transcendence, beyond society's norm's. I am evolving more quickly, more effectively, with a greater efficiency!" ~ Carl Stange, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Huna.
Awakened Kundalini
"OVL is the only place you're going to get the raw pracitcal applications without all the nonsense domatic and philosophical nonsense that people waste so much time today chasing around. I have awakened my Kundalini thanks to the practices in under a year. Yes the practices are strong, but the understanding behind them gives the real keys to their sucess. If you're serious about becoming more conscious and creating more bliss, taking control of your life and being aware like never before, you're in the right place." ~ Yosef L.
Esoteric Wisdom
"If you are like me and have worked spiritual practices before with only small or intangible results then your time would be well spent at OVL. It has a particular value to those of us who have been learning solo without the help of a teacher. OVL brings together all the disparate esoteric wisdom into a clear no-nonsense system of spiritual development. No strings attached." ~ Mose M.
Family - Inner Energy
"If you want a family of practitioners that seeks only the most practical inner energy work - it's OVL period." - Laurie L.
Positive Changes
"The OVL is great information!! It does not come at spirituality from any dogmatic approach, rather it seeks to teach about the common teachings that are common to ALL paths! It super helpful, and if a person is serious about making positive changes in their lives then the OVL is the choice!" ~ Michael M.